Tony Channel

Krusty Captain Tony enjoys flying a desk during the week and soaring the skies on the weekends. He started his career in Live and Broadcast production and moved into Integrating/Engineering and Project Management. He has traveled the country working on audio video projects at various Air Force, Army, and Navy facilities. He has also provided support to the FBI, Secret Service, and TSA. He has engineered and managed projects from small training rooms to campus-wide physical security systems and has provided Live support.

What do I actually do?

Operations Manager- I do all the things for the Integration team.

I really like...

Meal closure (dessert), lounge pants, OU football

My favorite food is...

A good steak

My favorite thing about my job is...

I love being a part of a luxury, but really, a luxury people can’t live without

My superpower would be...

To be able to get my wife ready when she is supposed to be

I really dislike...

4-way stop signs and ice with milk

My drink of choice is...


My favorite quote is...

“Wherever you are, there you’ll be.”-- Me

Fun Facts!

I've gone 6 days without seeing the sun working nights.
I have 7 flashlights in my toolbox, just in case.
I once finished a plumbing project with 1 trip to the hardware store.
I was once stuck in the Atlanta Airport for 4 days.
I have forgotten to put the drain plug in my boat only 1 time.
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