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Stephen Toney, PMP

Pre-Event Logistics Specialist

With a strong passion for lighting design, Stephen knows theatre front to back. From teaching at Coastal Carolina University to working at Cory’s Audio Visual, he brings a passion for theatrics, lighting, and the artistry behind both. He loves traveling with his family and attending Scottish festivals to listen to the highland bagpipes.  When not catching the latest movie, Stephen enjoys going for walks around the Oklahoma City parks and going to baseball games in Bricktown.

What I Actually Do

I manage the ins and outs of making live events happen.

I Really Like

bagpipes, Scottish festivals, canoeing, and movies

My Favorite Food is


My Favorite Thing About My Job Is

being able to come up with creative ideas that the client doesn’t know they love yet.

My Superpower Would Be


I Really Dislike

waiting in lines and washing dishes

My Drink Of Choice Is

Magic Hat #9 Apricot Ale

My Favorite Quote Is

“An effective lighting design is like a beautiful painting. Your medium is bringing someone to an emotional state he or she would not achieve at that moment without your art. This does not and can not happen by accident.” --Glenn Cunningham

Fun Facts