Richard Jacobs

As probably the most familiar face at Cory’s Audio Visual, clients know Richard from our rental department. A 27-year-veteran of our team, he holds together pieces of the company with his unlimited memory and knowledge. Richard lives in Oklahoma City with his wife. His daughter attends OSU and his son is a student at University of Arkansas.

What do I actually do?

I manage the ever-changing, day-to-day activities in the rental and hospitality department.

I really like...

officiating high school football, Western movies, and cooking

My favorite food is...

Chinese food

My favorite thing about my job is...

the interaction with clients and the people I work with.

My superpower would be...

x-ray vision

I really dislike...

cooked spinach and tomato juice

My drink of choice is...

Jack & Coke

My favorite quote is...

“In order to succeed, we must believe that we can.” —Nokis Kazantzakis

Fun Facts!

I collect newspapers from all across the country 200 at least.
17 years of officiating high school football.
I lived in St.Louis, MO for 5 years.
I have over 100 refrigerator magnets from places we visit out of state or country - business or pleasure.
I have had only 3 pets in my lifetime. 1 cat growing up and 2 dogs as an adult.
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