Nathan Braniff

Nathan knows details. Like many of the team members, Nathan got his start building scenic elements in theatre. From there, his keen sense for details, data, and problem solving led him to Cory’s Audio Visual. You can usually find Nathan at our more complex productions, in our warehouse, or putting ideas into drawings. If you can’t find him there, just follow the trail of sticky notes and candy.

What do I actually do?

Quality Assurance Specialist; I make sure our technology works efficiently and effectively.

I really like...

Dippin’ Dots, welding, scenery, construction, and sticky notes

My favorite food is...


My favorite thing about my job is...

I like that every day holds something different.

My superpower would be...

to be able to level things with my eyes

I really dislike...

apricots and man buns

My drink of choice is...

Coors Banquet

My favorite quote is...

“Failure is not an option.” —Gene Kranz

Fun Facts!

I carry 3 writing utensils at all times.
I am 66 inches tall.
I have 102 tools in my toolbox. I even have a spreadsheet.
Nathan should stop drinking after 1.5 beers.
My typical bowling score is 103.
I have 5 welding certifications.
I have popped 2,958 bubbles in bubble wrap.
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