Maurizio is a Sales Support Specialist for Cory's

Maurizio D’Errico

Tapping from a variety of different experiences in the events production industry, Maurizio D’Errico brings a fresh and original perspective to the live events team. He’s worked in theater production and events productions in Italy, the USA, Japan and on board cruise ships around the world. His expertise and vision allows him to keep an open and creative mind to best suite each of our client’s specific needs. Moe lives in Northern Virginia with his wife, two kiddos and their chiweenie on wheels.

What do I actually do?

Sales Support Specialist

I really like...

My family, discovering new places, and eating good food

My favorite food is...

Braised beef cheek (made by my mom)

My favorite thing about my job is...

Coming up with solutions and fulfilling client needs

My superpower would be...

Reading minds

I really dislike...

Line cutters

My drink of choice is...

Dark beer

My favorite quote is...

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” -- William James

Fun Facts!

Maurizo has ran 440 consecutive shows as a tech at a theatre in Venice, Italy.
Maurizo has worked in more than 100 venues around the world
Maurizo has taken 60 continental flights
Maurizo has lived in 4 different countries
Maurizo has around 15 cameras and 30 lenses in his collectin
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