Jon Haque

This social, Swiss-Army-knife-creator comes to us with a decade of live event production experience in both theatre and broadcast. Whether he is in front of the camera or behind the scenes, his talents are evident by his two Emmy Awards. Jon can be found creating graphics, videos, and making magic moments happen for our live event clients. He may or may not love brats too much for a man in his 40s.

What do I actually do?

I tell your stories.

I really like...

Autumn, a good story, and art

My favorite food is...

Mac and cheese

My favorite thing about my job is...

The people

My superpower would be...

Ventriloquistic Smell Thrower

I really dislike...

Eggs and long meetings

My drink of choice is...

Old fashioned

My favorite quote is...

"Creativity is intelligence having fun!" - Albert Einstein

Fun Facts!

It is likely I only slept 3 hours last night.
You can see me in twister for .5 seconds.
I have traveled to 6 countries.
I have two emmy awards.
10 years of experience producing live shows.
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