Jade Anderson climbing the side of a hil

Jade Anderson

Chasing her passion of live music led Jade to Lyric Theater as an audio engineer and eventually to join the Cory’s Audio Visual team as a freelancer. Since that moment in 2015, Jade learned and grew with the team as event production became a true passion. From an audio engineer to now our event services manager, our clients have seen Jade become an event managing powerhouse.

What do I actually do?

I manage the details about events that make our team successful.

I really like...

Concerts, being outside, and yoga

My favorite food is...


My favorite thing about my job is...

There is something new every day.

My superpower would be...


I really dislike...

Bbq sauce, an uncleared microwave timer, and frogs

My drink of choice is...

Manhattan on the rocks

My favorite quote is...

“You can’t change the cards you are dealt, just how you play your hand.” -- Randy Paush

Fun Facts!

Chased 6 waterfalls
53,000 hours logged
I have been on tv one time.
Coffee mugs 27
20 years bestie
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