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Cam Wallace

Audio Visual Technician

If he hasn’t done it before, you are only about one 5 minute Google search away from Cam being able to do anything you throw at him. With a background in video production and live event directing, sticking to the script, and making the moment picture perfect is a high priority. Cam also likes long walks on the beach as long as drinks are available at the other end.

What I Actually Do

Audio Visual Technician

I Really Like

My family, cooking, and afternoon naps

My Favorite Food is


My Favorite Thing About My Job Is

Facing new challenges

My Superpower Would Be

The control of time

I Really Dislike

Baked Beans

My Drink Of Choice Is

Coffee (a cortado, specifically)

My Favorite Quote Is

"We'll do it live!" - Bill O'Reilly

Fun Facts