Brian Gwinner

A non-farmer from Iowa, Brian Gwinner, when not playing a multitude of sports, was raised up surrounded by computers in his grandfather’s computer store where his mother worked.  This access to technology and knack for troubleshooting drew Brian to the production industry in college, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Electronic Media.  He spent time honing his skills involved in theaters, recording studios, music festivals, and an NPR radio station before moving with his wife to Oklahoma in 2006.  He joined the Cory’s Audio Visual team in 2018.

What do I actually do?

I use my experience, leadership, and technical skills to deploy technology so our team of professionals can bring life to extraordinary concerts, galas, and fundraisers.

I really like...

grilling, scotch, and recording music

My favorite food is...


My favorite thing about my job is...

the friendly staff.

My superpower would be...

to be able to slow time

I really dislike...


My drink of choice is...


My favorite quote is...

“The menu is not the meal.” —Alan Watts

Fun Facts!

The best time for a 10K I ever ran was 55 minutes.
Seven times I have backpacked in the Boundary Water Canoe Area in Ely, Minnesota.
79,500 lbs. - Heaviest production truck I've packed and sent on it's way (Circa 2018).
116 - Most audio speakers used for one show, in one general session room.
229 - Highest Bowling Score
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