Brendan Nutter

Before you ask, NutterButters are NOT his favorite cookie. Brendan is a  West-Coast born concert junkie who enjoys the occasional beer with friendsPC Gaming, and guitars. Catching the audio bug from concert productions, he found his degree path in audio engineering and music production from University of Central Oklahoma and joined our team as an audio visual technician to help clients produce amazing events.

What do I actually do?

I help make our clients' projects happen.

I really like...

Beer, music, and cruising

My favorite food is...


My favorite thing about my job is...

The support system here at Cory's Audio Visual

My superpower would be...


I really dislike...


My drink of choice is...

Vanessa House beer

My favorite quote is...

“I am not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.” - Michael Scott

Fun Facts!

10,000 hours of youtube videos
5,849+ questions i have asked lucas so far
average 33,000 mins of music streamed annually
270 hours my first month most on one show
15 tattoos on one arm for now sorry mom
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