Andrew McQuade

Andrew, the other red-bearded Cory’s Audio Visual employee, is not afraid of heights. With a passion for arena rigging, rock climbing, and operating aerial lifts, he has no problem being up in the air. Andrew comes to the audio visual world from a theater background working for employers such as the University of Oklahoma and the Santa Fe Opera. When he’s not busy making your events awesome, Andrew enjoys woodworking, camping and spend time with family.

What do I actually do?

It is my job to ensure our the technical pieces of our work goes smoothly and successfully for our clients.

I really like...

Outdoors, beer, and my family

My favorite food is...


My favorite thing about my job is...

My coworkers and the clients I get to work with every day

My superpower would be...


I really dislike...

Cinnamon and shaving

My drink of choice is...


My favorite quote is...

“Theatre is my life.” —John Michael Warburton, my TD in college

Fun Facts!

Discovered the hard way that 7 inches is the biggest crescent wrench TSA will allow through security.
Is 1 of 2 ETCP certified riggers in the state of Oklahoma.
Works an average of 100 live events per year.
Has been clean shaven once in the last 6 years.
1 of 14 members of his extended family that made it to the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America.
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