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Positive Tomorrows Cork & Canvas Case Study

Positive Tomorrows

When donations keep homeless kids in school, there is no room for missed opportunities to support such an important mission. Of the fundraising events hosted by Positive Tomorrows, Cork & Canvas is a donor favorite.

The event is long-awaited each year by the hundreds of attendees who want to support Oklahoma’s only school for homeless children. For many years, Cory’s Audio Visual has sponsored and helped to produce this fantastically fun event. As volunteers and donors for the organization, it is a cause close to our hearts.


In 2016, the event day arrived. The centerpieces were set, the auction items were displayed, RSVPs were in, but there was no stage. A vendor designated to bring in the stage simply forgot.
With just hours to go before showtime, Cory’s Audio Visual received a panicked call from our friends at Positive Tomorrows.


The live events team jumped into action! Within the hour, Cory’s Audio Visual’s preferred partners tracked down and assembled a stage with time to spare for rehearsals.

“I called Elizabeth at Cory’s Audio Visual, and she said, ‘Don’t worry about it.’” said Margaret Creighton, Director of Development for Positive Tomorrows. “And I swear, within 30 minutes, a stage showed up at the venue and went up seamlessly. It was like I never even had to make that phone call.”

When planning an event, there are so many pieces to the puzzle. Our solutions focus on taking a few of those pieces of our clients’ plates.


Positive Tomorrows saw record donations in 2016 at Cork & Canvas. That record continues to grow year after year with the help of amazing partners, staff, donors, and the crew at Cory’s Audio Visual.