AV Equipment Leasing

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While audio visual may not be the face of your business, it’s how your organization stays in front, with messages that keep your audience in the moment.

Cory’s Audio Visual is Oklahoma’s premier audio visual team, offering the best in sound, lighting, and video technology for the best possible experiences. We don’t just help you connect with your audience; we help you connect with confidence and creativity, so that your message is seen, heard, and felt just like you intended. And, with audio visual equipment leasing from Cory’s Audio Visual, you’ll exceed expectations, every. Single. Time.

Audio Visual Equipment Leasing

Whether you own audio visual technology or not, it’s the experiences you create with it that provides value for your organization.

Leasing agreements from Cory’s Audio Visual are just one way we help shape solid solutions for your business, helping you harness the power of audio visual as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible while producing exceptional outcomes.

Unlike renting or buying, leasing from Cory’s Audio Visual gives you more freedom and flexibility to focus on what matters most–maximizing your impact.

When you lease your audio visual equipment from Cory’s Audio Visual, you:

  • Avoid the heavy up-front investment from purchasing
  • Keep more cash on hand
  • Improve your bottom line by writing your lease payments off as operating expenses
  • Always have the latest in innovative technology
  • Have options to trade in, upgrade, or purchase at the end of your lease
  • Get world-class support and maintenance from seasoned pros
  • Can translate cost savings into competitive pricing and even rate fees
  • Build your business without tying up valuable assets
  • Can budget better, with a clearly forecasted, predetermined monthly line item
  • Get better solutions with smaller payments

Audio Visual Equipment Available for Lease

Audio visual technology should amplify your communication, not get in the way. Cory’s Audio Visual offers more than 3,000 pieces of technology to help you elevate your business, such as:

  • Lighting
  • Soundboards
  • Lighting Boards
  • Displays (TV)
  • Video tech
  • Projectors
  • Microphones
  • HD Cameras
  • Rigging

Master Your Messaging with Audio Visual Equipment Leasing from Cory’s Audio Visual

Leasing audio visual technology makes creating the perfect experience easy and is ideal for organizations and businesses like:

  • Churches
  • Theatres
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Event venues
  • Wedding chapels and venues
  • Live music venues
  • Amphitheatres
  • Schools
  • And more!

If you don’t see your type of business or organization listed, just call us at 405-682-8800 and ask. We have more than seven decades of experience helping thousands of clients deliver events and experiences that exceed expectations, and we’d love to help find your perfect audio visual solution.

Affordable Audio Visual Equipment Leasing from Cory’s Audio Visual

Awesome audio visual solutions don’t have to break the bank, and creating incredible experiences shouldn’t cost you a fortune, so our leasing financing terms include:

  • No down payments with the option to purchase at the end of the lease
  • Competitive and customized fixed pricing and terms
  • Tax-exempt leases for municipalities and other qualified entities
  • Payment options that are tailored to your unique business needs, including monthly, quarterly,
    annually, semi-annually, or even seasonally, for lower monthly payments during traditional

Find out why Cory’s Audio Visual is the team more clients call to make their message memorable. Give us a call at 405-682-8800 or contact us here. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.


Here we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about AV equipment rental.

Is it better to rent or lease audio visual equipment?

In general, rental is ideal for:

  • One-time events
  • Large-scale but infrequent events, such as once or twice a year
  • Events with specialized audio visual needs
  • Events needing a high level of production

Long-term leasing is typically better for situations that may be longer in duration (several months or years).

However, you don’t have to decide whether to rent or lease on your own. The pros at Cory’s Audio Visual can help you figure out which customized solution is best for your audio visual needs so you can produce the moments that move people.

Is it better to lease or buy audio visual equipment?

Whether outright purchasing or leasing “permanent” audio visual technology, it’s important to remember that the total cost of ownership for audio visual equipment is more than just the initial purchase price. It will also include the cost to repair, upgrade, and maintain the equipment, as well as the cost of any storage or transportation needs. It is up to your business if leasing outweighs the benefits of owning your equipment outright.

If you use production equipment regularly for presentations, shows, or concerts; you won’t need frequent upgrades; and you have the space and support staff to maintain your equipment, then buying may be a good option.

If you know you will need audio visual capabilities for the foreseeable future, but not necessarily every day or week, you may want to consider leasing.

What happens at the end of my lease?

At the end of your lease term, you can choose to upgrade, return, or extend your lease on a short-term basis. This allows you to always have the latest technology on hand and to keep the equipment you’re comfortable operating. You can also exchange for different equipment entirely.

Cory’s Audio Visual also offers leasing with the option to buy. If you are happy with your technology and don’t expect to need an upgrade anytime soon, you have the option to buy it outright for a fraction of what it would cost you to buy new, plus you can keep a service and maintenance agreement.

How much does it cost to lease audio visual equipment?

The cost of leasing audio visual equipment depends on the type and quality of the equipment, the length of the lease, your credit rating, and the type of buyout option selected for the end of the term. (Generally, monthly payments will be lower if you choose to purchase at the end of the lease, but be sure to check with Cory’s Audio Visual for exact pricing.)

Who is audio visual equipment leasing best for?

Leasing audio visual equipment from Cory’s Audio Visual is ideal for:

  • Churches
  • Concert venues
  • Event venues
  • Theaters and small theater groups
  • Bars and restaurants (especially those with live music)
  • Schools
  • Wedding chapels and venues
  • Live music venues

Don’t see your type of organization, company, or business but are considering integrating audio visual? Just ask! Cory’s Audio Visual has nearly seven decades of experience and we love a challenge! Let us help create a custom solution that brings out the best in your brand and delivers a message that moves people.

Is leasing audio visual equipment right for my business or organization?

en it comes to integrating audio visual equipment into your business or organization—and deciding whether or not you should lease it—there are several factors to consider, such as:

  • How often do you need it? Do you need it available several times a week for the foreseeable future, or is this for a singular event?
  • How will you keep it functioning? Your equipment will eventually malfunction at some point; do you have the support or maintenance resources to troubleshoot it? How about maintaining it in peak operating condition?

Maximize the power of great audio visual while minimizing your risk with a lease from Cory’s Audio Visual. You’ll get 70 years of experience, world-class support, and access to an incredible inventory ofindustry-leading technology, all from one of the best in the business.

Rodeo Cinema needed an affordable solution to meet the market's ever-changing demands. Cory's Audio Visual's leasing program allowed our organization to get up and running swiftly and affordably. The lease program allows our organization to grow as our needs and programs grow.
Kara Luther-Chapman

Executive Director
Rodeo Cinema Foundation