Creative Services

...Because scriptwriting, video, event planning, graphic design, and decor rentals wouldn't fit on our sign.

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Our services go beyond audio visual.

With more than 60,000 events under our belt, Cory’s has your back in event creativity. From graphics, slide decks, video production, event branding, scripting, onsite direction, stage management, and custom music and voice overs. There are so many additional opportunities to engage an event audience, tell your story, and wow your crowd beyond sound, light, video, and staging. 

Your one-stop-shop.

The team at Cory’s has seen it all. With an eye for event details, our creative services team can generate engagement and relieve stress with one-stop-shop event production and creative services.

Creative Services For Events Include:

  • Graphics, Motion Animation, and Slideshows
  • Video Editing and Production Services 
  • Event Scripting
  • Onsite Direction, Planning, and Stage Management
  • Custom Music, Bumpers, Transitional Sounds, and Event Playlists
  • Voice Recordings, Announcements, and Pre-Recorded Introductions

Let us do what we do best.

We would love to meet with you to hear more about how we can take your next event beyond audio visual.

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