Case Study

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RePUBlic Gastropub Case Study

Let’s face it. Sometimes, technology breaks. But when your business model is based on being the must-stop place for watching sports, a system failure means business lost.

When one of Oklahoma City’s most popular eateries RePUBlic Gastropub planned a second location, GoodEgg Dining Group knew two things were paramount– the space should be cutting-edge in design and energetic in the atmosphere. The Cory’s Audio Visual team was excited to join Gardner Architects to create a one-of-a-kind spot.

At RePUBlic Gastropub, the reliability of the technology and system was most important for a restaurant centered around watching events on television cannot be without the draw of watching the Playoffs, the Super Bowl, and more.


When a key manufacturer part failed in the system, RePUBlic found themselves with error messages. Within the hour, our team responded to diagnose the problem.

Our team knew the part would need to be replaced while the restaurant was closed so that business could continue.


The team at Cory’s Audio Visual began pulling the system at 3 a.m. to replace the part that failed. By 8 a.m., the system was up and running in time for their 10 a.m. open.

“When the manufacturer’s part failed, Cory’s Audio Visual came out at 3 o’clock in the morning, pulled the system out, fixed the issue, and put the system back in by 8 o’clock in the morning. THAT is customer service,” said Aly Clark, Director of Marketing for Good Egg Dining Group

RePUBlic Gastropub’s system immediately dropped all error messages and the new part functioned seamlessly to ensure the restaurant’s focal point continued to draw customers in for the big game.


The restaurant has been named the official watch party location for many of OKC’s biggest sporting events.

Our team loves to see all their Instagram posts and posts from visitors of the lovely display wall and sleek design.  

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