Case Study

Yes, good audio visual should "just work." But if it doesn't, our team has your back.

Applebee's Neighborhood Bar & Grill Case Study

Applebee's Case Study

When Applebee’s corporate offices announced a new and improved curbside carry out promotion, the location in west Oklahoma City knew they had to step their audio visual game up.

With a restaurant focused on giving their guests a great, entertaining experience, the manager and the staff knew audio visual key role in making their space memorable.


Suddenly, the restaurant found itself silent. Facing audio problems in multiple zones throughout the restaurant, the manager jumped into action calling Cory’s Audio Visual.

“Music and sounds are important parts of the ambiance that allows people to be comfortable talking,” said the manager Jeff Anyong. “Without it, it feels a lot like church.”


Even though our company did not install the system originally, the service pros at Cory’s Audio Visual responded immediately and within 1-2 days, the sound system was rewired and the restaurant’s sound was restored.

“I never felt like our service tech was trying to sell us crazy stuff,” said Anyong. “He offered a variety of solutions, knew a great deal about our technology, was quick to respond, and met our goals as well as our budget.”


Because of the excellent service his location received, the same Applebee’s location knew who to call when curbside technology needed to be amended for the upcoming promotion. In addition, the location referred Cory’s Audio Visual to the other Oklahoma City metro locations for their audio visual needs as well.

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