When to Rent an LED Wall for Your Event (& When Not)

Our experts tell you how LED walls can upgrade your audience’s visual experience

Years ago, LED walls were only for the grandest of events, sporting venues, and concerts. Fast forward (not very far) and they are quickly becoming the new standard, both indoors and outdoors. 

Once you experience an event with LED walls, it clear why event planners are flocking to use the technology. They offer brighter, crisper, and bolder images and video. And that’s not all! LED walls are becoming more and more affordable to rent. 

The event pros at Cory’s Audio Visual are diving into some of the advantages of using LED walls at events.

Image quality

As we mentioned, there is a clear difference in picture on LED walls when comparing them to their projector counterparts. It doesn’t stop at brighter and clearer. LED walls create their own light which makes deeply saturated colors possible. This will allow us to bring our old, long-lost friend black back into event design.

In addition, the world is moving far, far away from standard definition and into a world of HD and 4K video and graphics. Bottom line, if you’re investing in great videos and graphics, an LED wall will certainly draw attention to those investments. 

“I will never forget the ‘punch’ an LED wall added to the convocation of the University of Oklahoma’s new president,” said Elizabeth Newton, account manager at Cory’s Audio Visual in Oklahoma City. “It added an element of excitement when the light came down and the intense white glow filled the room just before the confetti cannons fired in celebration. Live events don’t get better than that!” 

Where image brightness can really matter is in rooms with extra light, strong stage light, or outdoors in direct sunlight. Great examples are seen at TED talks around the country. There are great, strong graphics and an even bigger spotlight on the sole presenter on stage. Often, bright stage wash or spotlights can drown out the projected image behind them. In cases like this, the team at Oklahoma’s most experienced audio visual team recommend using an LED wall. 


Hello creativity! LED walls can be formed and stacked to give event content new life. From cubes to pyramids, stripes, and everything in between, the walls provide a unique opportunity to add personality with a modern twist. Even if you’re not looking to go with a unique shape, LED walls also allow versatility in size rather than your standard projector screen sizes. LED walls also provide versatility in the form of a smaller footprint since there are no projectors to contend with. This often makes it easier when working in small spaces where projection distance is lacking or where you may not want to see a projector in the event space. 

Brianna Brandon has years of experience as an account manager at Cory’s Audio Visual. On the versatility of LED walls, she says, “LED walls allow for video content to be used as all or part of a backdrop without the need for a lot of distance behind a screen that would typically be required for rear projection. That way, people can easily walk in front of the backdrop without the risk of shadows and the backdrop options become exponentially greater as well!” 

Efficiency and reliability

When does it just make sense technically to use an LED wall? A good rule of thumb is if you have an odd screen size needed for your venue, if your event will require the blending of projectors, if your event is outside, and you’re renting projectors of great size, it is probably worth your while to look into using an LED wall. 

While the use of LED walls does require a skilled and savvy technical team to install, it will limit the amount of effort needed to prepare for your event, possibly saving in labor costs and graphic support. 

What else should you know? 

While we won’t bore you on the many facets of pitch and pixel when looking at LED walls, we will let the experts at Planar tell you all (and more than) you need to know here

To get started weighing your options between projection versus LED walls, consult with your favorite audio visual team, like the folks at Cory’s Audio Visual who have provided solutions for live events since 1953. When you call or email, ask us about our LED wall options!

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