Virtual OR Virtual Hybrid Events?

Which format does your event REALLY need?

How can your virtual event stand out from the crowd?

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In 2020, virtual events are everywhere. Due to COVID-19 and the pandemic, businesses are finding ways to reach their audiences, old and new, through technology. 

But, do you need a virtual event or a virtual hybrid event? And what’s the difference? We are glad you asked! 

Virtual event – An event that is broadcast from remote and individual locations that your attendees join virtually. Like this one.

Virtual hybrid event – An event that is broadcast from a staged location, much like a regular event, but your attendees have the option to join either virtually or physically. Like this one.

Still unsure of which you need? Take our quiz! 

So what can your business do to stand out from the crowd of virtual events hitting the market?

We have tips on how to take your virtual event to the next level. 

Presenter preparation

Having a vibrant and energetic presenter isn’t where a quality virtual event ends. While that is very important, we at Cory’s Audio Visual, would argue that a prepared presenter and a proper script is really what makes things flow smoothly. 

  1. Who will introduce your presenter? 
  2. Does your script also have technical cues to accompany spoken words? 
  3. Have you worked out timings and transitions?
  4. Does your team need camera training? 

All of these preparations can help keep the virtual “train” on the tracks far beyond just entertaining the audience. 

Rehearsal coordination

Many things should be incorporated into a virtual event rehearsal and shouldn’t stop at just “running through the script.” Having a professional team tighten up your run-of-show, perform technical rehearsals, work on transitions and timing, is absolutely key to a successful virtual or virtual hybrid event. 

Technical support

You audiences deserve better than webcams and computer audio. A good professional team, like the one at Cory’s Audio Visual, can provide technology and technical expertise for HD video, professional lighting, staging, pre-recorded content, and the best in online streaming. 

  1. Is there a special musical or theatrical performance to incorporate? 
  2. Do you have a desire to launch your live feed in multiple locations?
  3. Are you looking to take your audio and video game up a notch?

As Oklahoma’s most experienced audio visual team, we must insist a good technical team is where you should start in planning a virtual event.

Meeting moderation

Some virtual events can be complex. As a result, that complexity can create more engagement for things like fundraising, sales, education, and more. Programming that includes question and answer format, panel discussions, and polls or chat features add an element of participation and real-time feedback. 

  1. Do you need a high-level of engagement?
  2. Are you looking to fundraise?
  3. Are you celebrating something that should be shared with a group of people attending your virtual event?

Most importantly, this kind of technical moderation and support can lend a hand in keeping engagement moving and audiences involved in the event. 

Professional polish 

Serving up the extra polish that your clients and attendees expect can go a long way to build credibility and make return events feel familiar. In your search, find an event production company who specializes in the following can help take your event from “plain” to “refined”:

  1. Set design – A polished virtual event still requires a backdrop and setting. Why not make it pop?! As a result of having a good set designer, they can help you work through textures, colors, vibes, and so much more.
  2. Graphics – Sure, a logo in the corner is imperative, but why stop there. Communicate with your audience through more than your script. Lower thirds, streaming frames, and hold screens are just a few of the ways you can say it without using your limited time. 
  3. Content – Need help putting together a branded video? Another example is that maybe you need motion graphics. Our team at Cory’s Audio Visual can help with that too!

Platform management

Finally, you have your stream, your technical team, your graphics, and your stage ready to go. What’s next? Your platform! Your production team can assist in helping you find the best platforms for social integration, custom branding, fundraising, engagement measurement, and most importantly, how to use that platform to monetize your event. A great platform can make or break an event.

As you’ve read straight from our team, these have been the six ways your virtual or virtual hybrid event can stand out in the sea of online interactions post COVID-19. We hope they have given you much to think about for your upcoming event. 

If it all feels like too much, Oklahoma’s most experienced audio visual company Cory’s Audio Visual has your back! 

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