Is Your Meeting Technology Costing You?

“Time Is Money” – Benjamin Franklin

Businesses are always aware of hard costs associated with anything from supplies to payroll. However, when it comes to meetings, the soft costs associated with sub-par technology can really become a drain on resources.

Whether dialing into a meeting or sharing our own presentation, we have all experienced what can happen when technology doesn’t play its part. Momentum can often come to a halt. Ineffective communication can create gaps. Not to mention, technology can waste our time. In fact, it is estimated by Industry Week that meetings waste about $37 BILLION each year.

One-fifth of meetings (20%) run late due to meeting room technology.

Technology should work FOR you, rather than against you. It should be user-friendly, consistent, and integrated. When asked, 89% of people say technology does make meetings easier. When it doesn’t, our team steps in. Our goal at Cory’s Audio Visual is to make sure your message is heard. Basically, it is our job to see that your time isn’t wasted by technology.

Think your technology isn’t costing you money? On average, each employee will waste 2.83 days due to meeting technology failure. Add up the costs of hiring, training, and paying your employees, and your business could suffer.

The solution

Find an audio visual partner who cares about your goals. Working together, your audio visual partner can help you reach your communication goals, measure progress, work with your budget, and help deliver a return on your investment to make your message heard.

Whether a conference room, event space, lobby, and everything in between, our team of engineers, installers, and service pros can help you stop wasting your precious and expensive time. Call us today.

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