Three Reasons You Needed Digital Signage Yesterday

Digital signage has quickly turned from another form of communication to a must-have for clear, efficient, and effective communication with your employees, your clients, and more.

Digital signage is a broad term so let’s narrow it down:

Digital signage: A visual tool used to inform and communicate in a common space. The displays are usually ran for long periods of time or used to enhance a message. Digital signage is often found it lobbies, hallways, classrooms, restaurants, etc.

So why is it so important to your business?

We have three good reasons why a digital signage plan should be on your radar:

  1. Clearer communication. We all retain messages differently, but statistically speaking, you cannot go wrong with the combination of verbal and visual messages together. In fact, a recent study by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) showed messages to employees are retained six times better when spoken and visual. And let’s talk about what clear communication looks like on digital signage. Think more attractive and interactive methods to share information. Think about the ways to break down the silos that can exist in large corporations. Do you have an employee training coming up? Do you need to tell your customers about a sale? Digital signage can help you get your point across visually.

  2. Efficient communication. Gone are the days when a meeting or an email were the only way to reach an audience. Digital signage can help deliver specific messages in an ever-changing environment, even across multiple locations. Do you have breaking news? Are you featuring new menu items? Do you want to give your employees kudos without breaking the bank? Digital signage is easily updated, can be changed in a matter of seconds, and will help you elevate what is important to you.

  3. Return on investment. Digital signage should be used like any other tool in your arsenal for communicating to an end-user. Do you have a menu item that is more profitable than the rest? Do you have an upgrade to share? Are there unknown services your clients don’t know about yet? Adding this tool can help you reach your audiences’ eyes and attention before making a purchase or investment.

With the average person needing to see or hear a message multiple times for retention, it is important to give your message the extra boost it needs for the audience to see it, hear it, and feel it.

Each and every day, Cory’s Audio Visual helps to make digital signage plans come to life. Whether you don’t know where to start, or you are ready to begin your next project, give us a call or request a quote to talk to an expert.

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