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Three Technology Focuses for a Strong Return to the Office

Things your business can work on now to make the return from COVID even better

Right now around the world companies are balancing different priorities throughout the COVID quarantine and distancing process.

While business might be slower or seeing a decrease, maybe some are focusing on revamping their processes. Maybe some are focused on cleaning and updating their databases. Perhaps some businesses are working on the things that are always bumped down the priority list. 

For countless businesses, that means focusing on their communication technology. 

We have three ideas your business can be focusing on to make your return to regular business even stronger and more efficient. 

1. Improve streaming & web conferencing capabilities

Through social distancing and working from home,  it is pretty clear who has a strong streaming game and who doesn’t. After the dust settles, we think we are going to see more people looking to web conferencing even when we return to our offices. Many companies are seeing how much more efficient digital communication can be. 

Maybe this has brought up new ideas of how you and your company can reach the same or new audiences virtually? Or, maybe you just want to be better prepared for conferencing capabilities in the future? Read more about live streaming

Some companies are taking it a step further and looking for solutions beyond Zoom and Go To Meeting to gain a more professional polish in sound and video. Having your own studio or a technology partner to help you deliver those messages professionally can ensure you stick out in the crowd of web conferencing happening everywhere.

2. Better meeting spaces

Construction and telecommunications are still essential businesses. That means crews like ours are still working to update offices with new conference rooms, command centers, etc.

Have you always wanted to upgrade your gathering spaces? What has this time away from the office shown you about your conference spaces at the office? Are you more efficient away from the conference room? That’s a sign you may need to revamp. 

If you have a conference room or meeting facility that doesn’t serve your business or is constantly breaking down, now is a perfect time (when the office is empty) to install new technology. 

3. Fix broken technology

Speaking of broken technology, a lot of offices create alternatives to avoid pieces of technology that are always breaking or have never worked properly. It has always been important to Cory’s Audio Visual (and especially during these times) to respond to all technology support calls — even if we didn’t install it. 

Maybe you have a system that has been pieced together with new and antiquated technology? Maybe you work around one piece of hardware or technology that has never worked well with others? Or, maybe your conference technology never really worked correctly in the first place? 

Our team knows how communication can come to a halt or become really inefficient if you’re operating this way. This time could be a perfect time to either get your communication technology working again or to find a solution to make your existing office technology just work. 

Looking forward, we believe many businesses will come out of this unprecedented time in history more efficient, with new outlooks, and better ideas about how to connect with clients, audiences, and employees. It is a perfect time to make sure your technology matches the future.

Find out how to get started with our team. We are here to help.

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