The Twelve “Ways” Of Christmas (Parties)

Ready or not, Christmas is about 60 days away. That means your company holiday party is likely already on the calendar.

In some places, this yearly event is something attendees look forward to and some dread the festivities. What can you do to make sure your holiday party is in the first category? You can start by giving it the extra pizazz, sparkle, and personality your attendees deserve!

To help you figure out what those extras are, our event planners have compiled the 12 Ways of Christmas Parties!

1. Lights- Picture this. Snowflake-shaped lights glittering the room, creating a Winter Wonderland theme. In fact, our team can produce any shape, logo, or design. Our pros can make them move across the room, center them on a dance floor, cover the ceiling, and more.

2. Sparkle- Nothing says the holidays like a little glitz. Whether you’re looking for a LED-star curtain or even a disco ball can add a little magic to the evening. Our LED sparkling curtains can be used for photo booths, red carpets, behind a stage, and more.

3. Entrance-  A great entrance can really set the mood and excitement for a great party. As attendees enter the party, a large video wall or wide-set projection system can make them feel as if they are standing in a Winter Wonderland, surrounded by Christmas. Any image or video can be used to create a mood.

4. Glow- Is your holiday party more of a traditional-style party? Maybe red & green room glow could add to the ambiance! Or, is your theme more about winter or perhaps Hanukkah? Then perhaps white and blue would work best! Either way, room glow can really give the effect you are looking for without a lot of fuss.

5. Recording– Maybe you have many locations or some of your invitees could come. Having a recording of the party, the presentations, and other activities can go a long way in building memories and making everyone feel included. We can help you with recording the fun!

6. Photo booth- Give your guests an opportunity to be silly, serious, and everything in between. Either way, capturing these moments will give your guests a keepsake, but also a fun way to stay engaged during the party.

7. Custom music- Music can help keep the fun going with lulls in a program. During a meal, upon entry, and even between speakers can help keep the holiday spirit alive.

8. Digital signage- Do your attendees need some guidance? Perhaps the food line starts across the room? Maybe they need to know to pick up their parting gift at a specific table? Show them the way with digital displays.

9. Live music- Live Christmas carols or a band covering your favorite holiday songs can bring your attendees to their feet or to the edge of their seat.

10. Scenic elements- Beyond audio visual, scenic elements can bring a room to life. Think of stage props, snow machines, and more when planning your holiday party.

11. Video recap- At the end of the year, it is great to reflect on accomplishments and milestones from the year. Showing a video or slideshow to recap your year should be near the top of your list for an impactful celebration!

12. Games- Hosting fun, interactive games can provide good laughs and interaction for your guests. Playing Family Feud or hosting a holiday game show can grab attendees’ attention along the way.

Following our 12 Ways of Christmas can help kick your holiday parties up a notch!

To find out more on any of the 12 Ways, please contact our team of event pros. We are happy to help with all your holiday festivities including event production, rentals, and more.

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