Take Facebook Live Up A Notch

If you’re on Facebook like two billion other people, you know and may be familiar with Facebook Live. We all have received those notifications from everything from announcements, live events, and even a few not-so-Facebook-Live-worthy moments as well.

The fact is that Facebook Live has our attention and is spreading like wildfire. It is not surprising that it is becoming a part of every event planner’s checklist.

Why? Because it is estimated that 30% of people who watch a live stream of an event will actually attend the next one. And with Facebook seeing three times more time spent and 10 times more comments with this feature, that kind of engagement power isn’t going anywhere for a little while.

In the mix of events popping up on Facebook Live, many of them can be too loud, too far away from the action, and may leave you asking, “What am I looking at right now?”

Our event team has tips for creating the very best experience for your Facebook followers. Starting with eliminating the cell phone.

That’s right, put the cell phone down.

  1. Cameras- Chances are, you already have audio visual support at your event. This may include cameras, screens, projector, microphones, etc. A great audio visual company can feed their professional camera feeds to your live stream. That means clear and controlled shots that can switch between multiple cameras.
  2. Graphics and videos- Gone are the days of standing in front of a projector screen hoping your audience can see the important video, images, and graphics you are showing on at your event. These graphics and slideshows can be directly incorporated into the feed exactly as if your Facebook audience were sitting front row.
  3. Sound- Say goodbye to those background and ambient noises that seem to take over a Facebook Live feed. You know, the crying babies, the loud laugh, a scooting chair, etc. Your audio visual company can likely pick up the audio feed that is going through a mixer. That means the volume of those pesky noises can be lowered and the microphones can be turned up. Ta-da! Your Facebookers can hear every word.
  4. Preparation- A good audio visual provider focuses on solutions. That could cover solid internet access, music copyright issues, and more to get you set up for going live.
  5. Message control- Maybe you’re making an important announcement or handing out awards at your event. To keep those announcements exclusive to the event, they can be recorded by your already-present AV team. From there, your provider or your own team can go live with that content any time you’re ready.

The cost is minimal for a big return in engagement.

The best news of all? Adding these services to your already-existing audio visual package is affordable. For an additional $500-$800, your event will have the eyes and ears of your onsite attendees as well as your online audience, increase engagement, and deliver a consistent, powerful message.

To get started with our event services, contact us today!

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