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Staff Highlight: Stephen

Meet Stephen.

As a Technical Director, Stephen has many roles onsite at events. With his great lighting skills and easy-going nature, he is a tremendous asset to the team on event day. We recently sat down with him to talk about the things he loves and his favorite moments here at Cory’s Audio Visual.

What do you do here at Cory’s Audio Visual?

At Cory’s Audio Visual, I have the job title of Technical Director this means that I execute the needs of the client for our live events division. The technical directors operate in many different roles such as production manager, production facilitator, audio, lighting, or video technician. In these roles, the technical director is both the trained professional, problem solver, and face of our events team. In addition to running shows, I have a specialty in lighting design. Using our lighting technology, I am able to bring that extra visual focus to our client’s events and help to realize their visions even if describing it doesn’t come naturally to them.

Why do you enjoy it?

I enjoy the work at Cory’s Audio Visual for one reason– the people.  There are many companies that do events but Cory’s Audio Visual has people who hold their standards of excellence high, are genuine, friendly, patient, and focused on bringing everyone to the table as a family. When looking at Cory’s Audio Visual a year ago as a possible place to work, I looked at the people first to say is that the type of person I want to be for myself, family and friends. I am glad I said yes.

Do you have a favorite project from your time here?

The installation of the big fan in the warehouse was really fun. Haha! But honestly, my favorite would probably be a balloon drop last new year for a New Years celebration. It was six hours of blowing up 900 balloons with everyone participating so there was a fun social feeling while setting up the balloon bags. We rigged two giant balloon bags that would deploy together at the OKC Golf and Country Club. We watched the “pull string” closely before the big moment and it went off without a hitch. I am sure it was memorable for all who attended.

Outside of work, you can likely be found…

When I am not at Cory’s Audio Visual, I am at the theatre, church, or traveling. I love the theatre for its collaboration of different disciplines. Lighting has always been one of my great passions and storytelling is also very important to me. In Oklahoma, my family and I are members of St. Paul’s Cathedral in downtown OKC.  This church brings an accepting, diverse, and spiritual focus to my life. Not originally from OKC, I enjoy traveling with my family to visit friends throughout the country.  I enjoy the national parks and seeing different areas. While traveling I enjoy camping,  staying at hotels, and meeting new people.

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