Staff Highlight: Britt

Meet Britt!

Britt focuses on business development. Chances are, you have seen Britt at a networking event because his job is to meet potential clients and figure out how we can help provide solutions for better communication. We sat down with him and he has some great advice to share.

1. What is your role at Cory’s Audio Visual?

Senior Vice President focused mostly on business development. I get to talk to people every day about what they need and how we could fit.

2. What is a project that has stuck out to you while working here?

RePUBlic at Chisholm Creek was one project that I really enjoyed, not only because our best work was on display, but because it was a fun work environment to be in during the building process. It felt like we were a part of something everyone in OKC was going to love.

3. Why do you enjoy working here?

Every day is something different for me; whether I am looking at a project for the Integration division or talking to a client locally about their upcoming event, it keeps moving. Every week, I get a few days of that and a few days of managing our hospitality division.

4. Any advice for businesses looking for an audio visual partner?

Having the opportunity to engage with different people on a daily basis has allowed me an opportunity to be a facilitator.  I try to vet our potential clients to make sure we are a good fit to provide an audio visual solution for the technology changes they are facing.  The best advice I can give is to make sure you have a comfort level with whoever you plan on working with as there will most likely be some conversations that are budget and timeline-related that can be difficult. However, if you have built a real relationship, then both sides understand and can work together toward a solution.

5. Outside of work, you can be found…

…Chasing my daughter and networking. I am looking forward to college football starting so my “Saturday¬†morning donut dates” also include a College GameDay show. I also listen to a lot of podcasts every day on many topics but my favorite is leadership.


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