Navigating Trade Show Waters

Tips for making your next trade show count

It can be overwhelming. Between the long exhibitor manuals and all possibilities for your brand at some of the most active trade shows, it can be a challenge to navigate. Mix in all the technical possibilities and brand opportunities, and things can get even more confusing.

Where does one start to navigate the waters of engaging attendees? What challenges are headed your way? And why should you choose an audio visual provider rather than an event planner for your space?

Our team of event experts has the answers for you!

1. Why is it important to select an audio visual partner before your next trade show?

If engagement is your main goal of exhibiting at your next trade show, drawing attention to your booth in order to stand out from the crowd should be where you start. An audio visual provider’s sole job is to catch and hold an audience’s attention.

An audio visual provider’s sole job is to catch and hold an audience’s attention.

When you work with an audio visual provider, you have the opportunity to design your booth, create a statement, and showcase your brand. Even something as small as lighting your booth can draw attention, but it is large screens and digital signage that can put a booth at the forefront.

While not every audio visual provider specializes in trade shows, Cory’s Audio Visual has vast experience helping companies highlight their brands. In fact, our team is well-versed in more than just the technologies to help spread your message. Our team also builds structures to push your brand to into the vertical real estate it needs to shine.

2. What are the biggest challenges associated with trade shows?

Plain and simple, the biggest challenge is navigating the rules and policies around labor, venues, equipment, and more. From different cities to different venues to different exhibit companies, the requires can vary greatly. The more intricate and exciting your booth becomes, the more regulations you can face for rigging and more.

Finding a partner who is well-versed in these regulations across multiple cities and venues can really pay off when it comes

3. How can technology help you gain more booth traction and engagement?

No matter how great your product or service is for the trade show attendees, it won’t matter if you cannot grab their attention. Something as simple as lighting can draw people into your space. Taking it further, creating an experience in your booth can ensure that they remember you complete with digital signage, virtual reality, and more.

Some of Cory’s Audio Visual clients go to new heights to stand out in the crowd. Building a tall structure to feature a company logo can also make a company’s booth space easy to find and easy to remember.

US Fleet Tracking has seen great success with a high structure booth and digital signage to create engagement in their booth. With the extra height and visibility, it has made their booth features more prominent, drawing attention to their message rather than distracting audiences with crowds of people and cramped space.

All of these solutions can work for you and your company’s efforts to grab attention, engage an audience, and more. The team at Cory’s Audio Visual is experienced in turning trade show visions into realities.

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