Making Your Space More Intuitive

Audio visual technology should work for you, not against you. When even small tasks dealing with poor technology wastes time and that wastes money.

In fact, employees will waste 2.83 days on average due to meeting technology failure. That is billions down the drain because your conference room, meeting space, or event venue isn’t working FOR you.

How can you bring more automation into your office spaces to save time and money? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Imagine walking into a room and hitting one button to start everything. Today, that is a possibility. An automatic start of your technology can save the time searching for remotes for the multiple pieces of technology in your system. Time saved: 3-5 mins

  2. Shades and lighting should work with your technology rather than against it. Typically, when using projectors and some digital displays, too much light can ruin your view. Reflections are an audio visual pain! Having shades and dimmers that work in conjunction with your technology can go a long way in bringing out the best your technology has to offer while saving you those extra steps and hassle. Time saved: 1-2 mins

  3. There is technology that can make scheduling a conference room as easy as pushing a button outside the door. That’s right, on your way to grab a cup of coffee, you can book the meeting room. This technology syncs with Outlook and other scheduling platforms. Taking it a step further, some of these technologies have the capability to schedule the system to turn on and off!

  4. Having preset cameras and sound systems that can store the settings for the most common uses of the room can really save time for your IT or even your tech-savvy staff member. Imagine a meeting room that has presets for an average staff meeting or for your CEO’s tone on the microphone. Your techie team will thank you!

  5. Picture this. A user walks into a conference room, plugs in their laptop, the system detects the laptop, turns on, and the meeting begins. Automatic detection can really help get the ball rolling on a meeting.

With small, but effective automatic touches in your workspace, your company can save time which saves money. From room detection to responsive technology and one-touch controls, your meetings will begin on time, every time.

Our integrated systems team knows the best in automation to help you deliver your message effectively and efficiently because your user doesn’t have time to waste.

 Let’s talk about your communication technology and solutions that can help you reach your goals.

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