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Letter From CEO Brad Poarch – February 2022

Hi friends! 

At Cory’s Audio Visual, our word of the month is FUN. We always have fun trying new things, pushing the norms, and generating creative, new ideas for each of our clients. 

With the current climate of a lingering pandemic, supply chain issues, and skilled labor shortages, some companies are finding themselves scratching their heads and hoping it all “goes back to normal.” Not us though! Our team isn’t waiting for the “normal” to return. We are focused on the now and the likely-changed future. How you ask? Through innovation! 

Innovation can happen naturally or intentionally. When you look back to 2020, the world’s communication styles and technology changed drastically. In 2021, we saw events  change to virtual and workplaces permanently shifting to a hybrid solution. Today, in 2022, we are seeing businesses hitting refresh on how they have always done it to create their own solution for success. And, for a company who thrives on change and innovation, this year feels pretty exciting and exhilarating for us! 

Whether clients are looking to generate creative solutions, or contacting us with unique ideas, they know we stand ready to jump in and execute any projects as a true partner in the process.

In that spirit, I encourage you to challenge the norms, explore unique ideas, and create a new 2022 experience for your business. And, because that kind of exploration can be a little scary for some, I want you to know that we are here to make your job a little easier and a lot more successful. 

Here’s to a fun (and innovative) March! 

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