Cory’s Audio Visual Announces Additional Principal

OKLAHOMA CITY, August 19, 2021—Oklahoma’s most experienced audio visual team Cory’s Audio Visual is excited to announce Senior Vice President Britt Gotcher as an additional partner of the 68-year-old, third generation, family-owned company.

The announcement comes as Cory’s Audio Visual prepares for the future of ever-changing business communication. It also marks the company’s commitment to growth and innovation as the post-pandemic world is using technology systems to connect more than ever.

“Britt Gotcher is just as dedicated to excellence and committed to our clients as a member of the Cory family,” said CEO Brad Poarch. “From helping to navigate a tough year in 2020 to planning for an even brighter future, his work is immeasurable. This partnership will help our business grow and allow our services to expand while remaining committed to our very high standard in communication technology and exceptional customer service.”

Gotcher began his career in hotel audio visual services after studying organizational leadership from the University of Oklahoma. His strong entrepreneurial background, ability to connect businesses, and appeal to customers’ needs also led him as the owner of Bedlam Clothing Company and a corporate fundraiser for Feed the Children. Gotcher’s talents have focused on selling large, permanent audio visual systems for the last seven years at Cory’s Audio Visual for businesses such as Chalk, Dolese Bros, OG&E, University of Central Oklahoma, and more.

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