Commercial vs. Consumer Displays

Which one is right for your next project?

As a business with an important product, story, or vision to share, there is only one thing standing between your message and your audience. More times than not, it is technology. One of the best ways to paint a clear visual message is through displays, commonly referred to as televisions or monitors.

Displays can be used in lobbies, conference rooms, classrooms, event spaces and more. The possibilities are endless. It is no wonder why many people look to save money when purchasing the technology. Our team of engineers breaks down why purchasing a consumer-grade display may not be your best bet.



Saving a few dollars may not be worth the risk.

The bottom line when shopping for your next digital signage is to focus on the application and message you want to convey. If you want your screen to lend a hand in telling your story for long periods of time, buying a consumer –grade display is not the best way to save a few dollars. In reality, many of the available commercial-grade displays are comparable in price.

Don’t know where to go from here? We can help. Our team specializes in helping bridge the gap between your message and its audience. Our team of professionals is ready to talk about commercial displays and more.

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