Client Shout Out: CHK/Central Boathouse

With events constantly cycling in and out of the CHK|Central Boathouse, it is easy to see why Georgia Fiering needs a strong partnership with an audio visual provider who understands her system and her business. She tells us why she chooses Cory’s Audio Visual.

Tell us about your role at CHK|Central Boathouse. 

As the Director of CHK|Central Boathouse, University of Central Oklahoma I am responsible for everything that takes place in the building.  That includes meeting with clients, setting up for the events, maintaining the building and managing the events.  Also, there is an art gallery and I work with artists in the area to show their work. I change it every quarter.

I have an Event Coordinator, Mucio Macedo and the two of us work very hard to keep the building in good shape and to share managing the events, so neither one has to work all day and evening.

What are the biggest challenges in your role? 

Primarily the biggest challenge is maintenance.  The next would be keeping folks from making gigantic changes to the soundboard.

How has Cory’s Audio Visual helped you reach your goals?

Every single event uses some piece of our audio visual equipment so it must be working properly all the time.  Cory’s Audio Visual has been most helpful when we have an emergency with the very technical soundboard and they have given us training so that we can fix it ourselves.  Cory’s Audio Visual also gave some of their own time to make the sound be the best it can be so the audience has a great listening experience.

The best is that they have suggested some changes that really make a difference and yet do not cost a lot.

What is your advice for other event planners?

It is important to make certain clients are very clear about what the venue may offer and what is the client’s responsibility.

If you would like to book your next event at the fabulous CHK|Central Boathouse here is some information on how to do so.

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