Case Study: Oklahoma History Center

When it comes to audio visual, the same things that make some buildings great and full of character can also be the biggest challenge.

In our line of work, the following things can prove to be a hurdle we often cross:

  1. Open ceilings

  2. Curved walls

  3. Ambient light

  4. Budget

At the Oklahoma History Center, the Oklahoma Historical Society is focused on educating Oklahomans and visitors through exhibits and collections on display in more than 215,000 square feet. Their beautiful space is complete with curved walls and giant windows that make it feel like the outside is one with the inside of the museum.

When the Oklahoma History Center team contacted the Cory’s Audio Visual team about a new classroom facility to host many of their seminars, classes, and workshops, it was important for the space to function seamlessly with the podium PC, projectors, and sound working together.

The curved walls and large windows proved to be a challenge in designing their new space’s projection system. However, our engineers and technicians carefully formulated a way to give visitors the best visual experience with the best tools for education.

To see the space for yourself, or to book your next event at Oklahoma History Center, contact them today.

Our integrated systems team would love to talk about your design and audio visual challenges. Contact us about your next project today.

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